Like a Box of Chocolates

Life might be a box of chocolates, but I never try to eat them all at once because I certainly will get seriously sick. NO matter what stage of life one is living in, in life, there will be always struggles at many different levels, and it depends on every person how to face those... Continue Reading →


Characters in my Family

Not everyone enjoys family reunions, especially if one has a quite big family, but sometimes it can be a great advantage when it comes to always having someone to talk to, or it can even be extremely engaging and entertaining. My big family and I never miss the opportunity to gather together and hang out... Continue Reading →

The Cafe of the Theatre

At the end of my life, if a perfect stranger approached to me and asked me to mention one of those unforgettable places that I can not help thinking about every once in a while, I would respond, with no hesitation, that one of those places is “The Café of the Theatre.” How to cast... Continue Reading →

Breakthroughs on Reading

Just as lovers monitor every dark corner to find a secret spot on the earth where to unfold their love, so I euphorically search for my new reading to find a hidden place where to unfold my wings. Although reading has been unjustly regarded as a high-brow experience, only oriented for cultivated and erudite people,... Continue Reading →

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